About Us...

Hospital Radio Perth began life in the mid 80s when a group of enthusiasts got together in the hope of launching a service at Perth Royal Infirmary.

After several long months of fund-raising, the service first went on air on 20 February 1989 with the words, "Good evening PRI, you're tuned to Hospital Radio Perth".

Since then we have gone from two programmes per week to broadcasting 24 hours a day - every day. We have moved to purpose designed studios in the grounds of Perth Royal Infirmary and we have won numerous awards for our service; but one thing stays the same. We remain just as patient-focused now as we did in those early days.

Hospital Radio Perth has been named the UK Hospital Radio Station Of The Year on four occasions and we have won trophies for the quality of our trailers, children's programmes, speech programmes and outside broadcasts.

Good radio only comes when you know and understand your audience.

Our aim is to provide a friendly and entertaining service to our listeners. We do that by visiting the wards and chatting to the patients and transforming that experience into a real community radio service.

 While we have two hour request programmes four nights a week, we also have a wide range of specialist shows, Scottish, Country, Classical and Easy Listening feature as well as short stories and poems and an hour of religious broadcasting each Sunday - plus of course we have a wide range of music from the charts of the 1950s through to the present day.

Then there is our sports coverage.  Occasionally we cover rugby and horse racing but our main focus is on live commentary from St Johnstone games.  We say it how we see it, but - as you'd expect - it all has a bit of a slant towards Saints!  We even managed to broadcast commentary when Saints ventured abroad on European cup business!  One way or another, whether it’s Monaco or Minsk, we'll keep you up to date on our local club. 

And of course there's our Saints' based chat show every Tuesday too.

From time to time we will relay outside broadcasts from around Perth and Kinross. We aim to bring to our listeners the sort of thing they might have attended had they not been in hospital. It might be Daniel O'Donnell or Dougie MacLean from the Concert Hall; Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham from Perth Theatre or a guided tour of Dunkeld Cathedral.

When we're not live our computer system plays themed programmes throughout the day and more relaxing music through the night time hours.

Whenever you tune in you can be sure of great programmes on Hospital Radio Perth.